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A Message to South DeKalb

A Message from Steve to South DeKalb:

At the Ray of Hope DeKalb CEO Candidates Forum on March 23, 2024, I was asked a question about my specific 5-year-plan for South DeKalb. I answered the question as follows:

  • I will reorient Decide DeKalb to focus on development in South DeKalb.
  • I will apply the leverage that I will have as CEO with the county’s financial allocation to Decide DeKalb and my board appointments.
  • I will identify a catalytic development opportunity, with the most likely candidate being South DeKalb Mall.
  • I will identify the key commercial corridors and commission economic development studies for each to include robust community engagement.

As CEO I will be the “Chief Sales Officer” for DeKalb County, not just a cheerleader. With my corporate sales experience, I have the skills to put together deals that will benefit the community.

And it will not take me 5 years to get all of this moving.

In turn, at the end of my response, I asked the question, “What about the past 5 years?”

While I have been focused on District 4, who has been focused on driving dramatic improvements in South DeKalb? That is a legitimate question that the citizens in South DeKalb should ask themselves.

What about the past 15 or 20 years? Are you satisfied with the progress that’s been made in South DeKalb over that time period?

If not, what are you going to do about it?

I would simply ask that you consider the following:
If you are indeed serious… if you really want to see something different, then you should vote for somebody different. And that somebody is me.

So, I humbly ask for your vote to be your next DeKalb CEO. And as soon as I take office, I will get to work for YOU.

Steve Bradshaw

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