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A Safe Environment for Families and Businesses

The first responsibility of any government is the safety of its citizens. A Steve Bradshaw administration will apply the full spectrum of policy prescriptions to meet this critical need for DeKalb.

A Safer DeKalb

DeKalb County’s public safety personnel should be trained better, paid better, and treated better so they will in turn, serve and protect us better. To this end, Steve Bradshaw will work closely with the county public safety leadership team and the Board of Commissioners to achieve meaningful solutions, including a dramatic change on the compensation and benefits front.

On the root causes and prevention side, Bradshaw sees a need to create conditions with more opportunities for economic development in DeKalb County.

We also need to better connect our youth while they are young. To this end, a Bradshaw administration will work to dramatically expand the RISE UP Youth Leadership Development program that Mr. Bradshaw started as a commissioner. CEO Bradshaw would also push to dramatically increase funding for the Summer Youth Internship Program, and strengthen the partnership that he began with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta. His administration would also work to collaborate more closely with the DeKalb County school system.

However, the county government cannot adequately address this alone. We need close collaboration with colleagues at the federal and state levels.

Federally, Congress should:

  • Reinstate the assault weapons ban.
  • Pass universal background check laws.
  • Pass red flag laws.
  • Pass the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act.

In Georgia, CEO Bradshaw would push his colleagues in the Georgia General Assembly to provide local jurisdictions with the autonomy to enact our own gun safety ordinances and regulations. No two jurisdictions are the same. Therefore, we should all have the flexibility and local control needed to best address our public safety issues in a manner that works best for DeKalb.