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When We Make it Easier for Businesses to Grow, Jobs Follow

With your support, as CEO Steve Bradshaw will apply his background and experience in business development and be the “Chief Sales Officer” of DeKalb County. In this role, he will ensure business decision-makers know about DeKalb County‚Äôs considerable assets. He will also work to make business and government interactions less burdensome and more efficient.

A Message to South DeKalb
Steve Bradshaw is a natural leader

A More Business-Friendly DeKalb

If elected as DeKalb CEO in 2024, Steve Bradshaw will ensure that our business-facing entities are fully resourced and capable of doing the work that they are tasked to perform.

To this end, as CEO, Steve Bradshaw would meet with the county’s business development entities: Decide DeKalb, The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, and the DeKalb Convention and Visitors Bureau. By meeting with the heads of each of these organizations, Mr. Bradshaw can underscore his support for business development in DeKalb County, while better understanding what they might need to achieve mission success.

Internally, a CEO Bradshaw administration would enhance and streamline processes and procedures in DeKalb’s purchasing, contracting, and permitting departments. The goal would be to offer businesses efficient and professional interactions with county employees in order to leave them with the takeaway that DeKalb County is business-friendly and responsive.

It’s by driving new business to DeKalb that we can stimulate economic development, offer new job opportunities, and increase prosperity for all of our citizens, particularly those in underserved parts of the county. Moreover, crime goes down when economic opportunities go up, meaning that we can make DeKalb a safer community as well.

Support Steve Bradshaw’s CEO Campaign so he can lead DeKalb County to the next level of economic development and opportunity.