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Steve Bradshaw Believes in Open Communications

‘Sessions with Steve’ Town Halls

As DeKalb CEO, Steve Bradshaw will be accessible to the community and he will communicate with them on a consistent basis. To that end, CEO Bradshaw would hold regularly scheduled community town hall meetings, to be called “Sessions with Steve”.

Steve Bradshaw believes in direct communication

Believe in Steve Bradshaw for a Transparent DeKalb CEO

During each Session with Steve, Mr. Bradshaw would present updates on the challenges and opportunities in DeKalb County. He would then open the floor in order to take questions from the citizens of DeKalb County.

If elected as CEO, these town halls would be held on a rotating basis across the county districts and super districts.

In his current role as a DeKalb County Commissioner for the 4th District, Commissioner Bradshaw has been holding similar events with his Quarterly in the Fourth Community Breakfast Meetings. These meetings have been well received and highly praised by the public, so Mr. Bradshaw looks forward to expanding the scope and reach of these meetings as DeKalb CEO.